“VA BOOK – TALK” is an exciting and wholesome event organized by VAschools for lower secondary students on Ho Chi Minh City campuses. The contest provides students with numerous opportunities to showcase their creativity, have their abilities tested, and confidently demonstrate their language skills.

Through the process of preparation and submission of entries, students will not only gain invaluable lessons but also the moral and humanitarian values from the book they’ve chosen, thereby spreading a love for reading, a passion for learning, and an unceasing desire to enhance their knowledge.

Here are the contest rules:


– All VAschools lower secondary students on Ho Chi Minh City campuses.

How to register:

– Directly register with the homeroom teacher.

Contest Rules:

– Students can register individually and there’s no limit to the number of students who can register for each class.

– Students choose a book they are most interested in (with the option to select the genre and length of the book) and register with the contest organizers.

Entry Video Regulations:

– Students record their own video entries using video cameras, mobile phones, or cameras with video recording functionality.

– Video duration: 1 minute to 1 minute 30 seconds.

– Language used in the clip: English.

– For convenience in storage and grading, video entries should be in .avi, .flv, .3gp, or .mp4 format (with a minimum resolution of 640 x 480 pixels).

– Students should manage their time effectively to read the registered book, create a video summarizing the content, and highlight valuable moral and humanitarian lessons. They must then submit the video to their homeroom teacher.

– The homeroom teacher will review the video to ensure its quality (check if the video plays and if the audio is clear) before sending it to the contest organizers’ email address (VAcontests.thcs@gmail.com) within the specified deadline.

– Videos with content copied from available comments or remarks on public media channels or social media platforms will be disqualified.


– The video content must correspond to the content of the registered book. Students are not allowed to change the book’s title once they have registered with the contest organizers. Videos with content unrelated to the registered book will be disqualified.

– Videos without images but with voice only will not be eligible for the contest.

– The video content should be in accordance with Vietnamese customs and law, and appropriate for the students’ age and the educational sector.

Scoring Criteria:

– Total Points: 20. This includes 10 points from the audience voting on the school’s fanpage and 10 points from the judging panel according to the criteria below.

– Scoring Method:

• The audience can vote for their favorite video with their likes, shares, and comments. Each like, share, or comment counts as one point (If the contest organizers detect fraudulent activities or violations of the voting criteria, points will not be awarded).

• Voting will take place from December 6 to December 16, 2023.

• The 10 videos with the highest total votes will be awarded points from 1 to 10 accordingly.

• The voting points will be added to the points earned from the judging panel, and the videos with the highest total points will advance to the semi-finals according to the number specified by the contest organizers.

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