Dear Parents and Students,

The Vietnamese American Schools – VAschools boasts a team of teachers and staff with professional qualifications and dedication in their work. We are working enthusiastically to bring a high-quality education model to all students in the system.

We have been building an educational environment that promotes the foreign language competence and personality of each student. The ESL program helps our students confidently use English as a second language and ensures they have the qualifications to study at international universities at home and abroad. In addition, we always combine the academic program with extracurricular activities so that our students can further develop various skills with the goal of promoting creativity, critical thinking, self-discovery, respect for others, unity, and participation in community volunteer activities to foster compassion. Our school system aims to create a solid foundation of values for our students, helping them become more confident as they progress through each stage of development to maturity.

We believe that the essential purpose of education is the holistic development of individuals in terms of knowledge and spirit. Therefore, the mission of VAschools is to educate the younger generation of Vietnam to become responsible citizens for themselves, their families, and society, as well as capable individuals contributing to the development of the country and integration into the world.

Chairperson of the Board at VAschools


In 2006, recognizing the opportune moment for education development as Vietnam joined the World Trade Organization (WTO), the Leadership of VIDON Corp established the Vietnamese American Primary School on August 7, 2006, which commenced its first academic year 2006 – 2007 at 252 Lac Long Quan Street, Ward 10, District 11, now the headquarters.

Why Choose Us?


Vietnamese-English bilingual curriculum:

Ensuring the Vietnamese program accredited by the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training while adopting the English ESL program that follows the international certification system of Cambridge University, currently applied in Singapore, Japan, and South Korea.

  • Maximum class size of 30 students.
  • Modern classrooms and multi-purpose rooms.
  • Spacious and airy playground with an artificial football field.
  • Nutritious and safe food from a separate kitchen at the school.
  • Convenient and safe transportation system and boarding facilities.
  • Experienced Vietnamese teachers with a strong commitment to students, selected from high-quality educational institutions in the city.
  • Foreign teachers selected from countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada, holding BA/BS, TESOL/TEFL degrees, and experienced in teaching English to foreigners.
  • The Vietnamese program by the Ministry of Education and Training provides a solid knowledge foundation at all academic levels.
  • The ESL program helps students achieve international certifications appropriate to their ages.
  • Cultivating life skills and core values that are regularly reflected in six characters: Confidence – Dynamism – Creativity – Caring – Sharing – Responsibility.
  • Upon completion of their studies at VAschools, students are ensured to have the qualifications to study at international universities at home and abroad.
  • Applying dynamic and engaging learning methods, encouraging positive, active, creative participation of students, and emphasizing student-centeredness in all school activities.
  • Guiding students in self-learning methods and teamwork, developing practical application skills, and creating an enjoyable learning experience for students.
  • Respecting the individuality of each student, nurturing and educating positive characteristics tailored to each age group.


With all of its unceasing enthusiasm and dedication to education, VAschools has striven to become one of the top-quality international bilingual schools in Vietnam. With the motto of “Taking love as the base”, we always respect the values of the school’s teaching staff, uphold individuality, and constantly aim for comprehensive development.


VAschools was born with the desire to train a young Vietnamese generation in getting EXCELLENT AT VIETNAMESE – PROFICIENT IN ENGLISH – RICH IN LIFE SKILLS to become citizens who are responsible for themselves, their families, and society, and are competent enough to integrate with the world.

VAschools accomplishes its mission by:

  • Promoting the role of “student-centeredness” in all its organizations and activities.
  • Building an international educational environment with modern and safe facilities.
  • Gathering a team of Vietnamese and foreign teachers with rich experience, solid expertise, and great responsibility and dedication to students.
  • Constantly improving the quality of education, regularly updating and applying advanced teaching methods from around the world.
  • Educating students on the upholding of the traditional cultural values of the nation in parallel with the acquisition of international cultures.