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To achieve the current position and success, VAschools has received much attention and trust from parents. Not only creating many educational benefits for students, VAschools also focuses on bringing values to their parents.
Entrusted with the children’s study, we understand the parents’ trust and expectations for VAschools. In response to the trust, we have always striven to bring many practical values to the parents, and show close connection and respect through the following:
Building a network to connect the school and parents with many convenient information channels for discussing the students’ performance in addition to direct forms of communication via daily report book, hotline, SMS, website, Facebook, Zalo, Portal of the Department of Education and Training, etc.
Organizing many activities and seminars on child-rearing to bring useful information and accompany families throughout the journey of bringing up the students.
Providing many student care services so that parents can feel secure about their children’s activities at school.
VAschools’ facilities are conveniently located in the central districts, which saves time for in parents’ transportation of their children.
Flexible and convenient methods of tuition payment.