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In the atmosphere of early fall in September, the teachers and students of the Vietnam American Schools – VAschools joyfully welcomed the new school year 2021 – 2022 in a very special situation.

Back in the past school year 2020 – 2021, VAschools always made great efforts to perform well in pandemic prevention and control while ensuring the completion of the school year’s plan and achieving proud results. This is the faith and great motivation for VAschools teachers and students to continue to promote their strong spirit and determination, work together to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic and successfully carry out the tasks of the new school year. It will also fuel them in coping with difficulties and challenges, making constant changes and innovations, and developing their potential to obtain new achievements.

Despite many challenges ahead in the school year 2021 – 2022, VAschools teachers, who keep up the spirit of initiative and creativity, and get ready to adapt to social changes, will continue to flexibly and effectively apply advanced teaching methods. This will help the students to successfully complete the school year’s program and develop their qualities and capacities according to the core values of “COMPASSION – WISDOM – COMPETENCE – RESPONSIBILITY” that VAschools has always aimed for.

It is not easy for the students to start the new school year in the current situation. However, with a sense of responsibility, and the faith and wisdom of youth, the school believes that they will fearlessly tackle challenges, turn difficulties into opportunities and maintain a spirit of optimism to eagerly take the next step into the new school year. It will be a time filled with useful knowledge and meaningful activities as well as warmth and love from their teachers and friends.


The fight against the pandemic is still going on every day with the great contribution of frontline forces. From the back, VAschools teachers and students will always uphold their determination and constantly strive to perform well in teaching and learning, which serves as a small contribution to the great ‘battle’ of the country.

VAschools would like to thank the teaching and office staff for their dedication to and efforts in education as well as their contribution to creating a safe and useful learning environment for the students and enhancing the growing prestige of the school.

The school would also like to express heartfelt gratitude to the parents for always trusting and caring about, and creating the best conditions for the school in all activities.

With the excitement and belief in positive things, VAschools would like to officially open the new school year 2021 – 2022.