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Trường mần non | truong man non quoc te

trường mầm non quốc tế

Việt Mỹ tại Quận 4

trường mầm non song ngữ

chuyên dạy cho trẻ ...

truong tieu hoc quoc te

dau tien o viet nam doat tieu chuan quoc te

trường mầm non cho bé

phải là môi trường học và vui chơi tốt nhất

dien dan seo

chia se cach len top google

infant car seat

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VAschools - Trường Việt Mỹ, trường quốc tế hàng đầu
hệ thống trường Việt Mỹ Vietnamese American schools
Đối tác chiến lược

chung cư royal city r6

máy chạy bộ - noi that 190

Welcome to VAschools

VAschools is an integrated system of education from kindergarten to high school, providing students with an ideal environment in which to develop intellectually, ethically, and physically

We educate students to be “well-rounded in languages and life skills,” and thus become responsible global citizens.





To prepare children mentally and physically for the 1st grade.




To develop effective learning skills in Vietnamese and English in a fun and friendly environment.




To continue student-centered approach to develop students’ critical thinking, desire to learn and ability to apply knowledge practically.



High School

To graduate well-rounded individuals with traditional Vietnamese values and the ability to enter global society.

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