Kindergarten schools District 4


Objective: To prepare children mentally and physically for the 1st grade.

  • The learning environment has been equipped with safe teaching aids to enjoy learning through playing.
  • Creativity is awakened through art and music in class and physical exercises in the playground. 
  • Listening and speaking skills in Vietnamese and English are developed as well as familiarity with reading, writing and bilingual Mathematics.
  • The teacher observes and guides each child using the Montessori Method to develop the child’s self-reliance, discipline, and creativity. 


Objective: To develop effective learning skills in Vietnamese and English in a fun and friendly environment.

  • The Vietnamese MOET (Ministry of Education and Training) curriculum provides students with the basic foundation.
  • Positive teaching methods with interactive electronic lesson plans encourage active learning and develop individual talents.
  • Life skill education helps students build good habits to form basic life values.
  • Extra-curricular activities give children a chance to explore the natural environment and develop their observation abilities.

Address: 360 Ben Van Don Street, Ward 1, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City

Phone: (08) 3826 0252 – (08) 3826 4350

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